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Valley Women's Club candidate forum 2/7/2024

Off the Lip Radio Show interview 12/10/2023

Campaign kickoff 5/19/2023


2:39 - DeAndre James, Scotts Valley resident

6:30 - Becca Rubin, San Lorenzo Valley resident

10:46 - Fred Keeley, Mayor of Santa Cruz

18:30 - Monica Martinez

"If she does win the race for a four-year term, Martinez will be the first woman elected to the District 5 seat; she told the B.A.R. a woman was appointed to it in 1979 and served two years. She would also be the first woman to serve on the county board since 2012 and the first elected since 2008.


"I am ready to work as hard as I can all the way through the election because diverse candidates like myself, we don't have the privilege of walking into these seats," said Martinez. "I am ready to work hard to understand the needs of our district so I can represent it well as a supervisor."

Bay Area Reporter; December 6, 2023

"Martinez has placed her years of experience in the public service sphere front and center in her campaign, saying her work with local government has familiarized her with its strengths and weaknesses and will prove useful in helping the community secure the resources it needs."

Santa Cruz Sentinel; April 3, 2023

press release.jpg

"“I think it’s time that the Fifth District gets the resources that it deserves,” she said. “It’s overlooked.”"

"“I think our community is ready for a fresh voice,” [Martinez] said. “I believe that diverse voices and diverse representation lead to better decision-making.”"

Press Banner; April 3, 2023

"'I’m taking the calls for a change and a fresh voice seriously,” said Martinez, who began thinking about a supervisor run after what she called a frustrating county response to the CZU fires in 2020. “My career and life’s work has been helping others and putting public resources into the hands that need it most.'"

Lookout Santa Cruz; March 8, 2023

“'Encompass has long dreamed of building a bright, new behavioral health center in Watsonville to reduce barriers to treatment and make personalized, high-quality behavioral health care accessible to everyone in our community,' said Encompass CEO Monica Martinez."

Santa Cruz Sentinel; December 22, 2022

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